Max Payne Returns [Update]

Max Payne 3 has now been given an official release time: Winter 2009 set for release in early 2010 with the rest of Rockstar's games. Previous sources had it pegged for November 30, 2009. Let just hope this time will just add some polish to Max's newly bald head.
12 years after the events of Max Payne 2, Max finds himself in Sao Paolo, Brazil – where security work is plentiful but the risks are high. When murder and betrayal dog his every step, Max is once again thrust into the heart of a brutal city with nothing but his weapons and his instincts in a desperate search for truth and a way out.
For now, feast your eyes on the first screenshots.

Stay tuned for more media and information on Rockstar's website.

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  1. So I guess Rockstar is fully in charge of Mr. Payne's fate from now on.

    Watch it, Valve. One more slipup and I may just have a new favorite developer...


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