The Next GTA IV DLC is Here (so get used to it!)

Oooh aaaah, sparkly!
Rockstar announced the next DLC for GTA IV, called The Ballad of Gay Tony. I'm not sure the name is as catchy as The Lost and the Damned. How about The Fast and the Fabulous? Almost sounds like a musical.

Despite the name, it follows Luis Lopez, Tony "Gay Tony" Prince's assistant. The game will contrast the gritty gang world of The Lost and the Damned with the "focus on high-end night life". Content-wise, this sounds like great new side of GTA to explore. It almost seems like it's the Vice City to TLatD's San Andreas in terms of vibe. Will it use sparkles and lens flare in place of the grain filter?

This one is still an Xbox 360 exclusive and will retail for $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points.

New Fallout 3 DLC Coming!

Bethesda has announced two new DLC packs for PC and Xbox 360 (both retailing at the usual $9.99 each).
  • Point Lookout – Explore a massive new swampland area filled with new quests and content.
  • Mothership Zeta – The aliens have returned, and they're pissed. Experience an alien abduction first hand and find out if you're tough enough to survive.
This is your head exploding from the sheer awesomeness of this news.
Oh, and all previous content will be released periodically for the PS3. And best of all, A Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition will be available in October, for those who have yet to pick up this awesome game. It will include the original game plus all five add-ons for $59.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and $49.99 for PC. That's right, the complete Fallout 3 package for the game's original retail price!

Official news from Bethesda here.

A Double Dose of Payne

Being some of last generation's games that I missed out on, I recently purchased both Max Payne and Max Payne 2 to play through this summer. Expect reviews similar to my Morrowind Retrospective soon. Currently, I'm still waiting on Max Payne 2 to arrive in the mail. In the mean time, I'm playing through the first game on higher difficulties and such.

For those of you who don't know, Max Payne 3 is set to come out this winter 2009.

Revisionist: Bioshock [Harvester]

Here's my rendition of the 'evil' ending for Bioshock. It takes a different direction than the 'good' ending, as I thought it should. Enjoy.

Bioshock 2 "Hunting the Big Sister"

It seems like this time around the whole "moral" choices will actually have some depth to them with new adoption route. I'm really pleased to see the Incinerate! plasmid work like a flamethrower; something I've always wanted in Bioshock.
Hopefully they come up with a satisfactory explanation as to where this "first ever" Big Daddy was during the first game.

Perfect Dark for XBLA Confirmed?

Please Note: The source site is considered reliable with possible connections to Rare. Do not take this to mean that this news is 100% confirmed.

According to a post on Rare-Extreme, Rare has confirmed the long-standing rumor that they are working on the classic N64 shooter, Perfect Dark. This is really only question of when, after their release of Banjo Kazooie and its sequel, Banjo Tooie. Rare would unwise to not release one of the greatest shooters of all time onto XBLA. The very thought of playing this game with usable control sticks (let's be honest, the N64 controller was never user-friendly) will make it all the more enjoyable.

Revisionist: Bioshock [Savior]

Here's my rendition of the 'good' ending for Bioshock. It differs less from the regular endings than my 'bad' ending. Enjoy.

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