Left 4 Dead Poster Template

Speaking of Left 4 Dead content, I was referred (a while back) to this excellent template that you can use to make your own campaign posters. The PSD file has everything you need to get started making some official-looking campaign posters.

Personally, I find the hardest part to be coming up with tag lines for new campaigns. I'll be sure to post the ones that I've been working on.

All you need to do is download this file.  More on the template here.

[UPDATE] My three campaign posters are now up for your viewing pleasure in my flickr page and in my deviantart gallery. 


  1. The person who made this did a really nice job. Pretty much all the poster effects are done for you. The tricky part is making a cool background.

  2. How bout "Brain Dead" for a college campus level? I love "Dead Drop", great idea.

  3. Hi guys...

    I feel really stupid asking this but I downloaded the template but I can't seem to edit the tag line and the logo (as in the text).

    I've tried selecting the layer and clicking the text tool, But when I try to click on the text layer it just creates a new text layer.

    I am using CS3 btw

    Thanks for the help

  4. @Adam:
    No problem, I was kind of confused at first myself. The tagline is actually just a rasterized layer. If you want to duplicate the line in text, I suggest the following:
    Franklin Gothic Medium, Regular, 30 pt with a default drop shadow.
    It mimics it almost exactly.

  5. @Adam:
    As for the campaign title - same deal, you'll just have to start from scratch.

  6. Thanks a million. Nice blog btw.

    Thanks Again

  7. i cant seem to find it... i know im a loser... HELP!

  8. @Anonymous
    What can't you seem to find?

  9. Your freak lied when i download it's said Failed-No file


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