The Video Game Hall of Fame is in... Iowa?

A small town in Southern Iowa, Ottumwa, might soon be called home for The Video Game Hall of Fame. One factor leading to its placement is that Twin Galaxies, the video game officiating organization, resides there. In 1982, Mayor Jerry Parker declared the town the "Video Game Capital of the World".
I have a two-part question: What makes it the "Video Game Capital of the World", and why have I never heard about it? Were there no other cities in the world in the running for the crown? As awesome as a Video Game Hall of Fame sounds, why would I want to go to Iowa to see it? I believe that they've contributed more to the advancement of corn than they have video games. I'm not really here to pick on Iowa (I live in the Midwest). I'm just a bit confused.

Who knows, maybe this will be an economic boon of sorts for the state. Perhaps with the influx of gamers going to see the Hall of Fame, the industry will follow. And maybe, just maybe, it will one day live up to its self-proclaimed title of "Video Game Capital of the World".


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