Revisionist: Bioshock [Savior]

Here's my rendition of the 'good' ending for Bioshock. It differs less from the regular endings than my 'bad' ending. Enjoy.

For the player having saved the Little Sisters:

Upon waking up, Dr. Tenenbaum has brought Jack to the orphanage and broken Fontaine’s phrase control over Jack. As normal, she further assists him in breaking the rest of Fontaine’s control. Once free of Fontaine’s mental conditioning, Jack proceeds with the transformation into a Big Daddy. Realizing that he’s no longer in control of the situation, Fontaine sees that he has no choice but to put Jack down like the dog that he trained him to be. Feeling the full pressure of Fontaine’s power, Jack must repel armies of Splicers, intent on protecting their master. The intensity of these attacks would be too much for regular Jack to handle, but his transformation is complete.
Now the player gets to control the raw power that comes with being a Big Daddy, trading plasmids for brute force. If the previews for Bioshock 2 are any indication, we will soon be able experience this play style.
After keeping the Little Sisters safe from the hordes of Splicers, they are able to grant Jack entrance to Fontaine’s lair. As usual, Fontaine has injected himself with vast amounts of ADAM, turning himself into plasmid-slinging behemoth in preparation for his showdown with “Jack Daddy”. Jack battles Fontaine, eventually defeating and allowing the Little Sisters to subdue and kill Fontaine. At the end of each “round” of the boss battle, a number of Little Sisters (proportional to the amount that you saved) would drain ADAM from him, leaving you free to reload or heal up. With this setup, the more Little Sisters that you saved, the faster they can take Fontaine down.
The good ending sequence shows the rescued Little Sisters returning to the surface with Jack. It ends with Jack, comforted by the Little Sisters, dying in a hospital due to the failed attempts to reverse his transformation into a Big Daddy.

It's a tad bittersweet, I know. But then again, it's about sacrifice, and there's really no satisfying way to explain how Jack's Big Daddy-ification is magically reversed. The end result is the same, only this seems a little less vague. Stay tuned for my next segment, the 'evil' ending.


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