Revisionist: Bioshock [Harvester]

Here's my rendition of the 'evil' ending for Bioshock. It takes a different direction than the 'good' ending, as I thought it should. Enjoy.

For the player having harvested the Little Sisters:

Instead of working with Tenenbaum to break the mind control, Fontaine gives Jack a counter offer. He decides to put Jack’s abilities to good use by providing him means to become a Super-Splicer, as Fontaine had originally planned for himself.
At the command of Fontaine, Jack goes about collect a few things for his transformation. Fontaine calls Jack into his lair, where he is injected with vast amounts of ADAM and his upgraded form is complete. In exchange for his new powers, Jack must find and eliminate Tenenbaum. Meanwhile, Tenebaum prepares herself for Jack’s inevitable arrival.
After battling through Tenenbaum’s gauntlet of turrets, traps and Big Daddies, Splicer Jack breaks his way into her panic room. Fontaine strides into the room in triumph, ready to finish off Tenenbaum. As he draws his gun, a Little Sister jumps onto him in protest. Fontaine easily dispatches the now vulnerable Little Sister, but before he refocuses his attention, Tenenbaum manages a lucky shot and drops Fontaine permanently.
Jack deals with a pair of Big Daddy Bouncers as Tenenbaum retreats. After making short work of her defenses, Splicer Jack defeats and corners her in a workshop. Tenenbaum begins her speech condemning Jack and his actions. The screen blacks out as Jack delivers the finishing blow to Tenenbaum.
The evil ending sequence continues with the splicer attack on the submarine.

It's a much more clear-cut 'evil' ending. I always thought it was strange that you had to help Tenenbaum even if you choose to harvest Little Sisters. After all, Jack has to decide between Atlas/Fontaine's way and Tenenbaum's. Besides, I always found Tenenbaum to be a bit grating. The end result is the largely unchanged, aside from the player's actions. I hope you've enjoyed my rendition of Bioshock's endings.


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