X-Wing and TIE Fighter Return?

Following the success of The Secret of Monkey Island relaunch on the Xbox Live Arcade, LucasArts' Darrell Rodriguez hinted at a similar release of the classic X-Wing and TIE Fighter series. Nothing has been confirmed (of course), especially whether they would return as reworked XBLA titles or that LucasArts is planing a resurrection of the games. Either possibility is rather intriguing.
TIE Fighter was (and still is) one of my favorite classic Star Wars PC games. Come to think of it, a lot of my old favorites were Star Wars games. What happened to you LucasArts? You used to make such great games... I've been considering it for a while, and I think a Dark Forces remake for XBLA is where it's at. They did Doom and Marathon; why not let Kyle Katarn take a crack at it?


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