To Infinity and Beyond [the Sea]

Ken Levine has finally revealed his super-secret project with Irrational Games.  It's going to be another Bioshock game!  You may be saying to yourself, "didn't they just make a Bioshock game?"  You, sir or madame, would be correct... technically.  Yes, Bioshock 2 was released recently, but it wasn't made by Ken and his team at Irrational.  And see what happened to it?  A mediocre sequel to an amazing game.

Thankfully, Levine is back at it with a new take on the series with Bioshock: Infinite.  Yes, the "Infinite" is supposed to have some significance, but we don't know why just yet.  While Bioshock first took place under the water, this one will be set in a sort of city in the sky during 1912 (post Civil War America).  A cinematic trailer, much like the one for the first game, was released.

I can just imagine the Big Daddies (or what ever that was) with giant rotors, flying around.  Sounds almost silly, but from what we can see of it, that menacing yet oddly disturbing appearance of the Big Daddies has not been lost.  The whole heart-in-a-fishbowl thing is a little creepy.

Anyway... let's just hope Levine can pull off yet another fine game.  I certainly wouldn't want the series to end on a low note.

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  1. It's nice to have something different. I was disappointed that Bioshock 2 was little more than an expansion pack. Maybe now I'll get a true sequel to one of my favorite games ever.


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