A Very Battlefield Christmas

In retrospect, the hats might make us easy targets...
Perhaps in the holiday spirit, EA and developer DICE have finally rolled out some dates on the promised Map Pack 7 and the Vietnam expansion.  The map pack being first up to be released... tomorrow?  Umm... thanks for the notice, I guess...

Anyway, you won't be able to put your boots on the ground in 'Nam until December 21. PC players on Steam will get it as early as the 18th, because screw you, that's why!

Of course, there'll be the Multiplayer Update 3 waiting before you can unwrap (download) your shiny new presents. I've always wanted a flamethrower for Christmas!

Here's some eye-candy:

The official news can be found at the Battlefield blog.

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  1. Once again, I'm left playing catchup (mmm... ketchup) with the online community when it comes to games.

    Be forewarned: my penchant for in-game puns will extend to flamethrowers. I know you've all been "burned" before, so watch out!


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