Time for a Tune-up

Due a combination of my summer free time and the fact that the blogs are, as of yet, woefully unmaintained, I'm getting around to an update. Not only do I intend on making everything pretty (not my strong suit), but I'd also like to make the template compliant with Blogger's new(ish)  template designer. I decided that it would be best to start from one of the many stock templates to meet this requirement.

It pains me to abandon my frankenstein-ed template, especially after getting it to play nice with Internet Explorer. (Seriously, IE, why can't you be like all of the other web browsers?!) Working from the new templates has presented some of it's own challenges. Not that they're radically different; I just personally find the way they're made to be strange. Maybe they know great some web design secret and use it to keep out the riff raff. Kinda like an web design Bat-cave.

Cheeseburger Apocalypse will also benefit from this as well. Changes won't go up on either until I'm satisfied with the results. I'm currently testing on my test blog.


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